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Free SSL

We provide free SSL with all of our shared cloud hosting plans. The SSL coverage is available for all domains (including addon domains) you host on our severs.

When is SSL installed on my new domain?

Once you point the domain to our servers using middlehost's nameservers, SSL is automatically installed within 24 hour after that.  If you see that SSL is not installed within 24 hours after nameserver changes, please create a ticket and we will have a look at it.

We use third party SSL provide "Let's Encrypt". It requires us to validate the ownership of the domain (Domain Control Validation) by either uploading a file (HTTP DCV) or using DNS records (DNS DCV). We use the HTTP DCV option.

Once the file is uploaded on the server, the let's encrypt server tries to access that file. If their server is able to access the site, the ssl is issued and installed on the server.

Because the DNS propagation can take upto 24 hours, so after the dns changes, it may take upto 24 hours for the let's encrypt servers to point to correct ip and verify the DCV.

You can read more about it here.

Our AutoSSL process is executed every 3 hours. As soon as your site is properly resolved for the Let's encrypt server, your ssl is generated during the next process execution.

If You're using our nameservers on domain and DNS changes are propagated but SSL is still not installed, You can follow this guide. 

Cloudflare & SSL

If You are using cloudflare, the HTTP DCV and DNS DCV both may fail, because of the http to https redirections. In this case You can ignore the SSL in cPanel because cloudflare itself will provide the SSL protection for your domains.