How to login to Wordpress

You can access Wordpress admin using any of these 2 methods

 1  Using Wordpress login information


To Access wp-admin using this method.

  1. Access wp-admin login URL https://yourwebsite.com/wp-admin
  2. Enter Your wordpress login information and click Login button



 2  Using Softaculous

To access wordpress admin using this method.

  1. Login to cPanel [ How can I access cPanel ]
  2. Click on "Wordpress Manager by Softaculous" Icon.
  3. Click on "Login" button in front of your wordpress installation

If You do not see your wordpress installations in Wordpress Manager by Softaculous. You can click on Scan button to detect currently installed wordpresses in your account.

Configure SMTP mails on wordpress

Using Redis Object cache on Wordpress

Creating a Redis cache instance on your cPanel for WordPress can significantly improve your website's performance by caching the database queries or objects. Below is a guide on how to use it with WordPress using either the LiteSpeed Cache plugin or the Redis Object Cache plugin.

Litespeed Cache Plugin

WP Rocket or Other cache plugins.