What is mhCache & WP Booster?

What is mhCache & WP Booster?

We all know that Companies develop their websites to increase sales but most of the times adding more and more features to the website decreases the speed of website. Which in turn does not actually give them the benefits which they wanted to achieve because users and even search engines do not like slow websites. Google will rank the site down as google’s new algorithm gives importance to the user experience.

There are many caching plugins available for wordpress which can speed up the performance of the website by caching the generated html pages of the wordpress websites. for example w3 total cache & wp super cache . Although these plugins do incredible job and increase the performance of website by caching and optimizing the content on the website, But there is still room for improvement in these plugins. We took that opportunity and built a caching solution which caches the generated html pages on multiple levels. Furthermore, we use cloudflare and railgun to improve the delivery of the content to the endusers. All of this is provided as a perfect hosting solution for wordpress websites by middlehost.


Our Caching servers which are built using Varnish Cache, cache the content in disk drive and in memory which are delivered efficiently to Cloudflare’s edge servers using railgun servers. We call this caching solution “mhCache”.

Although you can use this caching solution on any type of website but we have integrated the functionality in a wordpress plugin “wpBooster” which we developed for our wordpress hosting clients and event blog hosting clients. This plugin manages the re-validation of the cache when there are any changes on the website. for example it re-validates the in-memory caching of website when there is any new post added in wordpress.

Speed Difference:

Ok, so the question is does it really works? And the answer is YES, it works like a charm, during our tests carried out using gtmetrix, we were able to increase more than 100% increase in the speed of website.


This is how a website performs on our Shared Hosting without our caching solution


And this is how it performs when mhCache is enabled



You can see a huge difference in performance and delivery of webpages. If you want your website to perform better than it currently does, have a look at our wordpress hosting. You can even use our caching solution without changing your current host, to avail this please talk to our representatives over live chat and let them know your requirements.

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