Did your host dump your hardwork during peak time of event?

Try our Scalable event blog hosting

Event Blog Hosting

Flexible plans for the event blogs which can handle spikes in traffic during event dates.

Have you suffered a downtime during an event?


Many event bloggers who are new to event blogging misread the importance of a good hosting solution for the event and in the end most of their hard work is wasted because of server glitches or suspension of account by hosting providers. Keeping this problem in mind middlehost has started offering flexible plans for event blogs. Bloggers can select the estimated traffic for their blog for each month and our system will automatically allocate enough resources to their account to handle traffic during that period.


some solid reasons to chose middlehost’s event blog hosting for your next event.

Free 500 realtime users commitment Included

Base package includes the commitment to serve 500 realtime users as seen in google analytics.

Hassle free hosting

You do not need to move hosting to better server right before the event, you can utilize that time to improve the ranking of your blog.

Flexible Plan Selection

Our system allows you to select the expected traffic for each month, so you can choose the traffic volume as it is expected to increase.

LoadBalancers enabled for high traffics

Our system automatically enables the load balancers for the months which are expected to receive high traffic.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you adjust the resources?

Our system automatically increases the resources allocated to your blog based on your package. System does this 2 days before the starting of the next month. System automatically incorporates the load balancers for your website if there is huge traffic demand during the month.

Why do you use Live Visitors model instead of monthly traffic?

As for event blogs traffic is not consistent during a month but there are bursts of traffic here and there.  Our live visitors pricing model keeps the costs low for event blogs.

How do you track the traffic of blogs?

We use google analytics to track the live visitors. When you signup for our event blog hosting, google analytics is automatically installed on your blog and your google account is linked to that analytics so you can see the performance of your website in google analytics.

How do you limit the resources?

We use php-fpm and/or cloudlinux to limit the resources for the sites based on their selected month’s expected traffic.

Why do you need google analytics access?

Our Event Blog Hosting model is developed based on the Live Visitors, System automatically manages the resources for your website based on Visitors.

What should I do if I do not want to share analytics report with you?

Our system needs analytics access to optimize the resources needed for your website. If you do not want to give access of analytics, we can discuss other option. Talk to our representative about this on live chat.

Want to be worry free for your next event?

Place your order for event blog hosting and chose the expected traffic over the months for the next whole year and we will adjust the resources allocated to your blog automatically.